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e-tissage ?

electronic weaving of information.

In order to survive information overload, information workers (projects managers, researchers, journalists, authors, …) need to identify and represent the flows of information they deal with. These flows are like threads that need to be weaved together.

Welcome on my loom for electronic information !

e-tissage.net is about how Personal Information Management (PIM) tools and new ways of representing information with digital tools (visualisations, animations, interactions) can help professional who deal with ideas and information and produce documents.

NB: e-tissage.net posts are the result of usage experience, inquiries, analysis and users interviews as part of an ongoing work on information design.
e-tissage.net is not connected to any PIM tool editor. The reference to products with paying features is done with no counterpart from the editor. Should partnership be initiated, readers will be noticed of possible conflict of interest with this independent position.

About the author

After studying languages (English, Mandarin) and a DEA in Computational Linguistics (NLPNatural Language Processing) at Paris VII, Véronique Gendner worked at the LIMSI, CNRS where she researched morphosyntaxical categories for an automatic speech recognition system. She taught at university and for continuing education (French linguistics, algorithmics and data structures, text data analysis, advanced use of Excel).
Since 2007, she carries out missions of data processing involving issues in analysing, structuring and representing information.