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Neo4j for newbies

Introduction videos

Neo4j in 1’43 »

Intro to Graph Databases Series (playlist)

Dive right in

Getting started with neo4j in 10 minutes (Excell)

Neo4j sandbox (try it out without installing anything)

In depth learning

Graph academy (free online training)

Getting (seriously) started https://neo4j.com/developer/get-started/


Neo4j operation manual

Cypher manual (beware of differences if you use 3.5 DB https://neo4j.com/docs/cypher-manual/3.5/)

Cypher refcard

APOC : essential plugin, in particular for data import https://neo4j.com/docs/labs/apoc/current/


Véronique Gendner

23 octobre, 2020

Categorie(s): Graphes