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GeoGraph : Modelling and building a graph database of multi-source landmarks to help emergency mountain rescuers

The purpose of the Choucas research project is to come up with methods, tools and resources, to help mountain rescue team localise victims, when answering emergency calls. In this context, we have built a graph data base with the Neo4j Label Property Graph (LPG) technology, that integrates several sources of geolocated objects. Some data comes from the national mapping agency (IGN BDTOPO), others, like routes from crowdsourcing websites. Categorization of multi-source imported data has been normalized by an instantiation process based on the Landmarks Objects Ontology (OOR) that had previously been produced by the project team.
The flexibility of graph databases helps make the right modelling choices by progressively taking into account problems observed in the data as well as researchers and users feedback and new needs.

4 scrren print extracted from the presentation (see pdf in post)

Here is the presentation of this work done at the International Cartographic Conference, on 15th Dec. 2021 : Lire la suite »

Véronique Gendner

15 décembre, 2021

Impact environnemental du numérique – s’informer et agir

Véronique Gendner

21 septembre, 2021

NODES2020 : Using Cypher to Extend a Graph-Based Documentation

At NODES2020, I’ve presented about graphs for humans : how to manually build a graph structured documentation with TheBrain Technologies, and why this graph writing is so useful.

Also how cypher (Neo4j *) can be used to automatically extract tables or hierarchies needed for specific contexts of use of this documentation.

Along the way, I’ve exposed some ideas about Information Design, the way I see it, that is including all that concerns representation of information but also structuring and the way they are interrelated.

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Véronique Gendner

23 octobre, 2020

Neo4j for newbies

Introduction videos

Neo4j in 1’43 »

Intro to Graph Databases Series (playlist)

Dive right in

Getting started with neo4j in 10 minutes (Excell)

Neo4j sandbox (try it out without installing anything)

In depth learning

Graph academy (free online training)

Getting (seriously) started https://neo4j.com/developer/get-started/


Neo4j operation manual

Cypher manual (beware of differences if you use 3.5 DB https://neo4j.com/docs/cypher-manual/3.5/)

Cypher refcard

APOC : essential plugin, in particular for data import https://neo4j.com/docs/labs/apoc/current/


Véronique Gendner

23 octobre, 2020

Catégorie(s): Graphes

Travailleurs de l’information : repères méthodologiques pour survivre au déluge… d’informations

Parce qu’un travailleur de l’information averti en vaut deux, voyons quels pièges nous tend la multitude d’informations qu’il nous faut traiter quotidiennement pour gérer notre temps, nos idées et nos documents ainsi que les envahissants emails ! Avec à l’intérieur, de vrais morceaux de bons conseils méthodologiques, pratiques et concrets, à appliquer dès aujourd’hui, pour être plus efficace et moins stressés.

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