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NODES 2022 : Genealogy with different graph technologies for data collection & visualization

Graphs are a very interesting structure to get the best of human thinking combined with automatic processing. Through a very intuitively graph based use case – genealogy – the following presentation at the Nodes 2022 conference takes genealogical researches as an example to illustrate possibilities that can be applied to many domain of research. It is demoing several graph issues and technologies, from data collection to visualization, including data transfer from one app to another:

  • documentation collection, in a graph structure, with TheBrain Technologies application,
  • Gramps visualizations based on a family tree specific layout algorithm
  • Bloom for visual and interactive exploration of data structured in graph and
  • yWorks to make precisely selected information of interest, stand out on a graph display
  • as well as Neo4j graph database as a pivot technology, to make use of graph topology and graph pattern matching

Data collection and export/import process from TheBrain to Gramps via Neo4j are presented, graph models are discussed.

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Véronique Gendner

17 novembre, 2022 at 3:09 pm

Trouver un document sur son disque dur, en recherchant le texte qu’il contient

Que ce soit pour retrouver un ancien courrier ou pour connaître la définition d’une fonction dans une librairie de code, il est bien utile de pouvoir rechercher du texte et trouver sur son disque dur, tous les documents qui le contiennent.

UltraFileSearch fait très bien le job !

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Véronique Gendner

20 mars, 2017 at 3:33 pm